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Welcome to the Zen Group of Western Australia.



The Zen Group of Western Australia (ZGWA) meets at St Paul's Anglican church hall, 162 Hampton Rd, Beaconsfield (close to South Fremantle). We meet  on Thursday evenings for meditation and other Dharma activities. We also conduct short retreats (Zazenkais) and long retreats (Sesshins). See when and where for details. 

The ZGWA is fortunate to have two Zen teachers, Ross Bolleter and Mari Rhydwen. The group's teachers support each students' efforts, and are a source of guidance and encouragement.

Everyone is welcome to attend the ZGWA's activities. See sitting with us for details of what to expect when you come along.





 Saturday, 10th December 2016


St Paul's, Hampton Rd, Beaconsfield






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