Membership entitles you to reserved and discounted places for Sesshins and Zazenkais, as well as use of our library and a subscription to The Wobbly Pot. Membership  provides vital financial support for the group's activities. 

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The Zen Group of Western Australia
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Becoming a member or renewing your annual membership of the group helps to sustain Zen practice in WA.  Fifty percent of the funds raised through membership go into a Dana fund for our teachers, and the balance goes towards covering the rental and maintenance of the dojo at St Paul’s as well as the subsidy of zazenkais, sesshins and other activities.

As a member you have a right to a reserved place and discount for zazenkais and sesshins and the use of the group’s library. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to offer your ideas, creativity and energy to the group as you can opt to be on the ZGWA Council for a term of two years and you can vote at general meetings. The annual membership fee is due by the 1st of July. If you would like to join but cannot afford the fees please contact the ZGWA Treasurer.

We have a group of members who pledge monthly, over and above membership. These pledges are vital to maintain the zendo and our teacher, and keep the doors open for everyone. If you can afford it please consider. Pledges can be made throughout the year, or in a lump sum. But this is different from a donation. Pledges are a scheduled payment, and the Treasurer is notified in advance of your commitment. Regular payments can be made by direct debit into the ZGWA bank account or by cheque or by arrangement with the ZGWA Treasurer.

To become a member or friend of ZGWA, and/or to register your pledge, complete a membership form which you can download below or collect at the dojo. Please send or give your form and payment to a ZGWA Council member at the dojo or pay through electronic funds transfer. The ZGWA’s postal address and bank account details are provided on the form. 

The Zen Group of Western Australia relies on the generosity of its members and friends to cover the costs of teaching, outreach and events. If you see value in the Zen Group and the cultivation of the Buddhist Way then please consider making a donation by clicking the button below and filling in the form.