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Sesshin is a Japanese term meaning 'to settle the Mind, to touch the Mind, to convey the Mind'.

The term is used in Zen Buddhism to describe intensive periods of zazen meditation and dokusan that take place over a period of days, traditionally seven.

Sesshin encourages deepening of practice.

 Sesshin Dates - 2023


Bunuru (March) Sesshin  -  3rd to 8th March 

     Djilba(First Spring) Sesshin -  23rd to 30th September      ​

Mari Rhydwen Roshi, Chris Barker Sensei and Ross Bolleter Roshi (emeritus teacher) will be leading the ZGWA 7-day Djilba (First Spring) Sesshin at Mt Helena Retreat Centre. 

Spring Sesshin 2022 (Outside).jpg
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