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2022 Opening Ceremony

The ZGWA's opening ceremony was preceded by words from Ross Bolleter Roshi, Mari Rhydwen Roshi (read by Kathy Shiels) and Kathy Shiels on behalf the the sangha. The recording can be accessed here. After the talks, Paul Wilson rang in the new year with 108 rings of the bell in the joya no kane ceremony, which represents the cleansing of the 108 worldly passions.

Teacher Interviews

An interview with Ross Bolleter Roshi has been released on the Wisdom Publications podcast. In the interview, Ross discusses koan practice and his book 'Crows Fly Backwards and Other New Zen Koans'. Find the interview here.

Mari Rhydwen Roshi was interviewed on radio RRR by Judith Peppard in January 2021. The interview was selected as a special feature and made into a podcast on their website. If you are interested in what Mari had to say click here.

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