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The Wobbly Pot is the Zen Group of Western Australia's biannual journal.

Autumn 2023 Issue - Call for Contributions by 26th March


The autumn 2023 issue of the Wobbly Pot will have the theme What Helps? The theme is open to endless interpretations and contributions may be of your own creation or from a helpful source you’ve discovered and would like to share with Sangha members. The sky is limitless, so follow any trackless path and explore, then enjoy sharing what helps, no matter who, how, when, where or why.



By Sunday the 26th of March, please send your word documents (rather than PDF files) using Ariel font in size 10 points, leaving a line space between paragraphs with only the first paragraph indented. Please use italics for quotations. Of course, artwork and photographs are also most welcome.

Many thanks  

Kathy Shiels



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"Monks these days study hard in order to turn a fine phrase and win fame as talented poets. At Crazy Cloud's hut there is no such talent, but he serves up the taste of truth as he boils rice in a wobbly old pot."

- Ikkyū (1394-1481)


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