A Zazenkai is a day of extended practice. 

Zazenkai provides an opportunity for extended sitting and deepening of practice. Our teachers, Ross Bolleter Roshi, and Mari Rhydwen Roshi offer dokusan and teishos at Zazenkais.


In 2021 there will be six zazenkais: three with Ross Bolleter Roshi and three with Mari Rhydwen Roshi, on the following Saturdays:  

  • February 20 with Mari Rhydwen Roshi

  • April 17 with Ross Bolleter Roshi

  • ​​June 19 with Ross Bolleter Roshi

    • This Zazenkai is at St Paul's Hall, to register click here

    • There is an opportunity for "remote participation" in this event: joining an audio-only Zoom meeting for part or the whole of our day. You can  listen to: the Opening Words, the Jiki's bells and clappers through the day, chanting after lunch, and the Teisho. Dokusan will not be provided, and there is no charge to participate.  If you wish to participate in this way please email for more information.

  • August 14 with Mari Rhydwen Roshi

  • October 23 with Ross Bolleter Roshi

  • December 11 with Mari Rhydwen Roshi